In honor of Oktoberfest, we made some Schweinebraten today! German Roast Pork.

This tastes amazing. You take a boneless pork shoulder, cut up cubes in the fat cap / skin, then roast it on a bed of vegetables and beer until finished.

– Boneless pork shoulder with fat cap and skin
– 4-6 cups of vegetable broth
– 4 Carrots
– 4 Leeks
– 4 Celery stalks
– 4 Onions (med)
– 2 bottles of German beer
– Salt & Pepper
– Butter

– Lay shoulder fat side down in a roasting pan
– Pour in enough vegetable broth to keep the fat cap covered
– Place in grill at 300F for 30-40 minutes – this helps to soften the skin
– Cut up your vegetables – 1-2″ lengths, chunks of onions
– Remove from grill and set aside for next step
– Butter up your roasting pan and fill with your cut up vegetables
– Brown the vegetables slightly
– Cut 1/2″ or 1cm cubes into the fat cap, being careful not to cut into the meat
– Season with salt and pepper – get that s&p down into the cube crevices!
– Pour the vegetable broth on top of your browned vegetables – not too much, just enough to cover them
– Place your seasoned shoulder on top of the vegetable bed
– Pour 2 bottles of your favorite dark German beer over shoulder and vegetables
– Raise grill heat to 340-350F and cook until internal temp of 160-165F checking throughout
– Cut up and enjoy!