Some people have trouble replacing the string / line in their line trimmers.  Also, some people call these machines ‘weed wackers’ which is fine, I guess, but please start calling them line trimmers as that’s what they are and it gets my brother-in-law angry.

String trimmer / Line trimmer string comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.  You can get round, triangle, kind-of round with edges, square, etc.  Also, you can get different sizes.  Below is a chart you can use to figure out what size you should get.  We won’t really cover the various shapes – though I do recommend getting something besides just ’round’.

  • Light work: 0.065″ –> 0.080″
  • Medium work: 0.085″ –> 0.105″
  • Heavy work: 0.110″ and up

In this video, i’m removing 0.080 round and replacing it with a triangle shaped 0.105 because i’m going to be line trimming along a fence – the 0.080 just gets eaten up and I need something thicker.

Watch the video below to learn how to replace the line in your Stihl brand line trimmer.