Month: January 2018

How to make Philly Cheesesteaks at home

With the Eagles in the playoffs and going to the Super Bowl, I know a lot of you will be looking to make some food for the big game.  I recently made some for the Eagles / Vikings game and they were delicious! First things first, find a decent butcher in your area.  Purchase some ribeye and tell them you’re using it to cook cheesesteaks so they’ll slice it thin. Figure about a half pound of meat per sandwich if you’re making regular hoagie-sized sandwiches. The two pounds I purchased made 5 sandwiches… however, 3 of them were for...

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Plastic welding a broken trash can lid

I have one of those ‘toter’ brand trash cans that we’ll usually use in case the one from the trash company is filled up and we still have trash to bring down to the curb on trash day.  We’ll also use it for yard debris and whatever else, but mostly overfill once the main one is filled. Over the winter, the lid broke and it only has one hinge left.  I decided it was time to fix it up and what better way than to plastic weld...

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Atwood Superbug vs Leatherman Brewzer

In the EDC (Every Day Carry) world there are certain tools that you may want to carry with you.  One of them is a little multipurpose small pry bar to put on your keychain. These come in handy throughout the day for things that you wouldn’t want to risk breaking a pocket knife on, like paint can lids or anything else where your blade might break. Today we’re going to compare two tools that are at the total opposite of the price spectrum. The Atwood Superbug (~$70 when available) The Leatherman Brewzer (~$10) Note: Both of these tools were...

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