Month: July 2017

How to dispose of old paint

After living somewhere for a while, you start to collect various things.  One of these things is paint.  You painted the dining room and wanted to keep the rest of that paint can in case you needed to touch up at some point. Well, time goes on and a year later you’re sick of the color and paint it something else.  You’re now going to keep the rest of THAT can ‘in case’.  You can see where this is going. Slowly but surely, you start to save and store multiple colors from multiple rooms until one day when you...

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How to repair polaris pool cleaner hose

If you own a pool with a polaris pool cleaner, you’ll one day be faced with repairing either a failed hose connection or a hose break.  The pool hose itself connects to fittings using a system that employs a plastic nut to secure the hose over the barb on the fitting. Here’s an example of what you may come upon… As you can see, we experienced a failed connection here.  We moved in this house in January, so in my head i’m blaming the previous owner for not securing the hose properly.  🙂 Easy enough to fix.  It’s easiest...

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How to design and build the perfect workbench

When you’re a home owner, you need somewhere to put all your tools as well as a nice work space. A workbench fits the bill perfectly because you can store items underneath it and use the top to work on. If you’re building a particularly large workbench, you can also use the surface / top to place other tools like a vice, bench grinder or just a chop or band saw. This post details the construction of the workbench I built for my garage. The one section is 12′ wide by 24″ deep and 36″ tall. The other section...

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Going over basic tools

You’d be surprised how many people don’t know what a phillips screwdriver is.. “Is it the plus or the flat?” you’ll hear. This short video goes over some basic tools so you can be up to speed when helping out a friend with their house or other...

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How to prepare and smoke a pork shoulder

It’s summertime. In the summer I try to use the smoker as much as I can. This post will quickly show you how to season and smoke a pork shoulder. You want to season it the day or night before you intend to smoke it. You can do it just before putting it on the smoker of course, but I like to let the dry rub sit overnight and let it really get into the meat. Watch the video below to learn how to season… The seasoning i’m using in the video is here on Amazon: One & Done...

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